Kutipan tentang edukasi [English]

Beberapa poin yg terangkum setelah mendengar beberapa video dari TED Talks dengan tema pendidikan (education) bidang sains :

  1. Science is magic. So teach them with the magic.
  2. Make students are valuable.
  3. Do not treat student by threatening, but by pleasure.
  4. Science is storytelling. Let the seriousness.. just make them laugh, fun. How to be a good storytelling? Put the emotional feeling into the story.
  5. How to teach kids is through let them to design their thinking. It’s a process to addressing complex problems. Ask the question what their need (empathy).. then let them make a prototype. We know they want to try something. It’s kind of teach them how to solve the problem rather than try to figure it out what the right answer is. It will make our kids are excited to go to school and the goal is kids will have a passion.
  6. Sometimes, someone just said you should concern about the science without any purposes or messages. That’s why people might think who care to learn science. So, we should give a hope, that learning science is not only for you.. but for the next generation.
  7. Do not give them only the theories. But place them on the grups and use technology for solve the real life problem based on theories. So push them to think, and encourage curiosity with ask them, “did you ask the best question today?” rather than “how’s your day in school?”
  8. Build the community for your kids. Community which can solve the world problem.
  9. You should raise your kids with passionate because passionate people can give other people hope, they can elevate people around them.
  10. If children get interested, the education is happened. Education is self-organizing system.
  11. Education is personal, based on personal curriculum, include negotiate program, collaboration group. If you make education is impersonal, people will pull away from it, disengagement.
  12. Put art back into education. put art in the center along between humanity and science for create unique individual humanity. learn about culture, art, music, history behind them.
  13. Most of all, education is mechanistic, problem is they could be driven in impersonal. We are organism, not mechanism. School is organism tool. Recognize that we are unique individual, but together we create unique pattern in form of behaviour which we can changed.

Sumber pembicara :

  • Sir Ken Robinson (educationalist, UK)
  • Sugata Mitra (Prof. of educational technology, UK)
  • Tyler Dewwitt (biology, chemistry, english, music high school teacher who currently PhD student at MIT)
  • Freeman Hrabowski (president of UMBC)
  • Co Barry (Founder of professional development, graduated from Standford Univ.)
  • Debbie Sterling (Founder of Goldie Blox, Engineer girl, graduated from Standford Univ.)

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